The Hepatitis-C Program


The Hepatitis C Virus is the most common chronic acquired blood-born pathogen in the world with an estimated 270 million cases worldwide and 3.9 million cases in the U.S. HCV reflects profound racial and ethnic disparities with African Americans twice as likely as Caucasians to be infected; which has provided an impetus for the NIH to consider HCV infection a major health disparities issue. In Wisconsin, there is an estimated 85,000 HCV cases (Bases on national data) and 2,500 newly reported to the Wisconsin Health Department each year. While many carry the disease for decades without symptoms, HCV is the cause of 40% of liver disease 10,000 annual preventable deaths in the U.S.

Mondays through Fridays we are doing HPEC cycle education and referrals to medical facilities we collab with .

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